Introducing Satoshi Nakamoto

BitcoinSV is the Original Bitcoin and was Created by Satoshi Nakamoto.
Who is in reality Craig S Wright the worlds foremost expert on Bitcoin he is an Eternal student and researcher. nChain Chief Scientist. Lawyer, banker, economist, pastor, coder, investor, mathematician, stats, and world curious. For information explanations and updates you can visit his website here:

For a superb video learning series on the subject, I recommend the Theory of Bitcoin which is a series of videos with Craig S Wright and Ryan X Charles Founder of Moneybutton – this series is available for viewing via Youtube:

Introducing Bitcoin Association

Jimmy Nguyen is the Founding President, of the Bitcoin Association which is a non-profit association (Verein) in Switzerland, and the global industry organization which advances Bitcoin (BSV) I am an affiliate for the Bitcoin Association.

Introducing Calvin Ayre

One of the main sponsors for BSV is Business man and Entrepreneur Calvin Ayre founder of the Ayre Group and CoinGeek he is one of the biggest voices in BSV and the major driving force behind the magnificent CoinGeek Conference – he is also on the Executive committee for the Bitcoin Association you can also catch up with all the latest news on the popular CoinGeek Conversations channel via Youtube –

CoinGeek also has a Bitcoin for Beginners section, which is reported as being the ultimate resource guide to learn more about Bitcoin—as originally envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto—and blockchain.

Introducing TAAL

TAAL is a Blockchain infrastructure company with transaction processing at its core they are redefining hashing to be transaction processing. As a regulated, publicly-traded company, TAAL brings a level of compliance and regulatory standard that private processors and operators can’t offer. Their infrastructure is being designed and optimized for processing in stable, regulatory friendly jurisdictions, and can be further customized based on corporate compliance needs.

Introducing Gravity:

In 2019 a London based company called Bitstocks launched the first iteration of Gravity, an ecosystem to provide a host of everyday financial products and services, backed by the power and scale of the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision network.

Who can join Gravity? Individuals living in the United Kingdom or Europe (excluding Germany) with a valid form of identification.

It features a Secure Cold Storage Wallet for your Bitcoin, you can earn BitcoinSV by referring friends and family and you can quickly buy and sell with either GBP or Euro’s.

If you would like to purchase BitcoinSV you can use Gravity via the link here :

Introducing ANNE:

Ann is an artificial neural network which is classed as the piece of a computing system designed to simulate the way the human brain analyzes  and processes information.

ANNE stands for Awareness Neural Network Explorer have a look at to understand ANNE further there is a wonderful article that you can read via the link below which explains what ANNE is in more detail what how she operates and what she is capable of:

Introducing BSV Apps and Social Media:

Agora is your homepage on the Metanet where you can find everything you need to know and more about BitcoinSV products and Services – the Metanet is the future of the internet.

Bitfeed is an open data syndication format for sharing data between applications that produce or store Bitcoin transactions, its like RSS.

BLARE is an innovative, maker-centric social platform for artists and content creators to upload, publish, distribute, price, and sell their exclusive digital content (music, videos, etc.) and physical merch (CD’s, vinyl, clothing, posters, sheet music, books, etc.) at any price to their fans, being paid instantly and fairly in Bitcoin or fiat.  Sign up for Beta testing

BSV app testers is a place where you can get paid in BSV to help developers test there new applications. previously known as The White Company launch at the end of October 2020 there savings and investment platform which will allow you to earn upto 5.15% Apr on your BSV or apply for 0% loans against your BSV

City on Chain is a World Map full of information for each city in the world.

Crypto Fights is the next generation of gaming on the BSV Blockchain currently in Beta testing on Android and will be coming to IOS in 2021

Learn how to Earn BSV via video tutorial’s on a monthly renewable paid membership site that teaches you about earning opportunities on the BSV network.

Handcash is a BitcoinSV wallet with a multitude of developer tools via Handcash connect – one of the smartest ways to store your Bitcoin

Money Button is a simple payment solution to make or accept payments over the internet. Payments cost less than one cent and are nearly instant. This is how money should be it is also acts as you identity. You will need a money button to sign into the BSV apps.

My Movies US is a Block Chain Studios creation: Data, Payments, & Micropayment Ecosystem Development streaming platform being built on the BSV Blokchain. I am an associate producer for the upcoming film production, Lord Timmy and the Mystery of the Last Master, written and Directed by Dr. Ted Rivera, M.B.A

Powping is a social media application on the BSV blockchain a bit like Facebook but better as you get to be in control of your own data, you can also allows you access to Powpress which is a very simple blog editor on the BSV Blockchain

Recycle SV is an up and coming app that is looking for Beta testers to help you receive awards for your recycling

Relica has a unique vision: to reignite the excitement of social media with a simple, easy-to-use photo sharing app that provides users the opportunity to generate income from their content a bit like Instagram but you own your content and get paid directly for it via the BSV Blockchain. Sign up for Beta testing.

Satoshi Red Socks – A news channel dedicated to bringing you a weekly roundup of all the latest Bitcoin SV news

Streamanity is a social media application where you get paid instantly by viewers of your video content and is a bit like Youtube without the adverts.

Tocial is a social media app and wallet that allows for picture feeds, encrypted chat, tipping and tinder feeds plus much more – still in Beta

Twetch is a social media application on the BSV Blockchain a bit like Twitter but better as you get to be in control of your own data.

Windbell is a curation service that seeks to place the user’s flow of information back into their control.

Zeux is a UK bank that allows you to deposit BSV and order a physical Visa card which you can link to your Apple or Samsung pay – it also has some very attractive saving rates –

14th September 2020
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