Hi This is

Diddy Wheldon

Actress, Artist, B.Msc, BSV

Greetings and Salutations

I have been in and out of the Entertainment Industry since the age of 6. I would act on stage in skits at the Nottingham Goose Fair Caravan rally, I was a professional model for Bride Style Magazine and Catalogue at the age of 9 and appeared on billboards in London. I was professionally trained at Nottingham Playhouse Theatre from the age of 16, primarily as a Sound and Lighting Engineer where I worked on and off for 16 years, in all of the backstage departments while moonlighting as an SA/Walk on for TV and Film both credited and uncredited. My technical career finally progressed to that of Show Manager for the American Adventure Theme Park and then as a Production Manager on the Sun Princess cruise ship in 2005 for Princess Cruises. I am also a Music producer and have collaberated with musicains in Grime, Reggae, Film Noir, Electronic Dance, Drum and Base etc. I also play the Alto Saxophone. My music is available to listen to and buy on all the most popular distribution platforms, Apple, Google, Spotify, Youtube etc.

Now coming full circle I am currently available for Acting, Modelling, Presentations, Story Telling, Music Production, Voice Overs and Artwork Commissions for Animal and People Portraits or Buildings.

I am an avid Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision Supporter “BSV” and a Bitcoin Assosication Assosciate Member. Craig is Satoshi and I like Big Blocks. I am also one of the Co-Founder's for Women of BSV, we have a Youtube Channel and Website which has a combination of Interviews, tutorials and socials. Our moto is Feel inspired and be empowered.

I am currently studying for a PhD in Divinity with the University of Metaphysical Sciences in Ecuador. I will also be studying via the BSV Academy, in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.

Thank you for taking the time to look, time is precious and I appreciate yours. I also have an apparel store at Shop Vida, Some Vegetarian Recipe Tutorials and Some Acrylic Art Work Tutorials.

Peace, Love, Life, Light and Laughter xxx

What I do

Actress, Artist, Voice Over

I have experience both as an Actress and in Technical Theatre, TV, Film, Voice Over, Story Telling, Scare Fests, Murder Mystery Events, Santa's Grottos, and acting on a Steam Train. I Love the outdoors, Camping, Horse Riding, Walking, Driving, Yoga, Crafting, Art and Music and Vegetarian Food. I paint both Digital Portraits and Acrylic Canvas and have some beginners tutorials. I support the Rape Crisis Charity , and the Drug Science Charity run by Professor David Nutt

Music, Metaphysics

I am Fascinated with how Art, Dance, Nature, Music, Sound, Yoga Ancient History and Metapyshics coupled with energy, frequency and vibration can be used to heal the body, mind and spirit. I am an ex sound engineer and a music producer and Alto Saxophone player. I like to travel. I also support Bitcoin Satoshis Vision Blockchain Technology and will be doing courses at the BSV Academy in the future. This website will eventually be hosted on the SBW Social Bitocin Web using BSV Blockchain Technology

  • Education

  • BSV Academy

    2022 - Current

    Bitcoin Satoshis Vision Blockchain Technology Training

  • University of Metapyshical Sciences

    2019 - Current

    I obtained my Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences Degree in July 2020, I obtained my Masters of Metaphysical Sciences, along with my practioners certificate and Reverends Ordination in Jan 2022 and I am Currently Studying for a Phd in Dvinity. with the University of Metapyhiscal Sciences Ecuador, South America.

  • Peoples College, Intermedia and Confetti Studios

    1998 - 2004

    Humanites, TV, Film 3D Art and Music Production Studio and Live Performance

  • Experience

  • Freelance

    April 2004 - Present

    Theatre, TV, Film, Music, Show and Prodcution Management, Voice Over and Acting, Metaphysician and Finance Management, Consultant

  • Theatre Production LX, SFX, SM, SA

    May 1988 - Dec 2011

    Professionally Trained at Nottingham Playhouse as a Lighting and Sound Engineer, seconding to Stage Managment , Finance, Wardobe, Paintshop, Theme Park and Cruise Ship

  • Please contact me for my full Resume